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Black Crystals Cross Bracelet

Black Crystals Cross Bracelet plated with 18k white gold..


Casual Bracelet with Shinny Plate

Casual bracelet is one of those jewelries, that you can wear on a night out with your friends, that ..


Heart Bracelet

Heart Braceletweight:4.400g..


Love Lock

Put a lock on your love's arm, show them how strong you love them.Plated with gold, crystals...


Pink Cross Crystals Bracelet

Pink Cross Crystals Bracelet  plated with white 18k gold...


Show me Your Wild Side

Show me your wild side is a beautiful bracelet plated with 18k gold, that is perfect for a person wi..


Sparkling Fusion of White and Blue Crystals

This is a beautiful sparkling bracelet for a beautiful sparkling personality with shinny colours, th..


White Pearl Bracelet

White pearl bracelet is plated with white 18k gold...


Wrap a Bow Around Your Arm

Wrap a bow around your arm is a perfect gift idea to show ourselves that we deserve to be treated as..